DVD Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes

The DVD universal remote is smart for your dwelling room. With a suitable setup, this kind of far-off will be the best answer and act as a command middle to your TV/component/audio system. If you are looking for how to application DVD universal remote then you can use the DVD universal remote code list, you can software your far-flung fabulous to your system. This way, your remote and gadget can communicate in an identical language.

DVD Universal remote controls can be programmed to be used with a couple of gadgets like TV, Blu-Ray, and AV Receivers, you can ditch a number one-of-a-form remote controls for one DVD Universal remote. DVDs a long way off can manipulate all home theater devices and components. DVD Universal a long way flung approves you to set aside the individual machine remotes for one DVD remote. With DVD ordinary some distance off you can commence the use of it thru first programming a long way off with each personality machine in the home theater arsenal.

                            DVD Universal Remote Codes 4 Digit

Apex0386, 0390, 0391
B & K 0978
Bose 0672
Broksonic0932, 0967, 0394
Centrios0951, 1067, 1068, 0921
Classic0431, 1051, 0401
Coby0926, 0946, 0947, 0916, 0445
Cyberhome0393, 0985, 0939
Cytron0446, 0388
Daewoo0440, 0441, 0444, 0971, 0965
Denon0400, 0421
Denzel 0428
Dual0447, 0984, 0956, 0428, 0446
Durabrand0449, 0405, 0446
Dvd 20000402
Elta0434, 0435
Emerson0405, 0940, 0899, 0456, 0458
Funai0456, 0458
GE0409, 0430
Go-video0431, 0937, 0971, 0454, 0902
Gpx0936, 0944
Harman Kardon0427
Hitachi0404, 0407, 0428, 0419
Ilo0959, 1070
Insignia0405, 0456, 0921, 0430, 0905
Initial0430, 1070
Jvc0406, 0964, 0900, 1072
Jwin0390, 0893, 0895
Kenwood0400, 0429
Klh0430, 0906, 0386
Konka0410, 0411, 0412
Koss0415, 0388
Lasonic0451, 0948
Lenoxx0931, 0435
LG0405, 0972, 0907
Magnavox0398, 0408, 0979, 0981, 0980
Marantz0398, 0405, 0408, 0423, 0981
Memorex0446, 1050
Onkyo0422, 0975
Panasonic0396, 0400, 0974, 0970
Philips0398, 0408, 0423, 0755, 0979, 0981
Pioneer0403, 0404, 0976, 0977
Polaroid0385, 0957, 0949
Polk0398, 0408, 0981
Proscan0409, 0890
Radio Shack0449, 0453, 0919, 0920
RCA0409, 0430, 0449, 0453, 0920, 0890
Samsung0407, 0454, 0942, 0963, 0891, 0455
Sansui0394, 0967
Sanyo0904, 0416
Selectron1077, 1078, 1079
Sharp0397, 0897, 0908
Sony0987, 0988, 0989, 0399, 0986, 0389
Sylvania0456, 0458
Teac0404, 0449
Techwood 0433, 1071
Tevion 0388, 0446, 0447, 0448, 0450, 0451, 0452
Tivo 0912, 0909
Toshiba0394, 0398, 0973, 0924, 0983
Yamaha0400, 0420, 0979, 0980, 0408
Zenith = 0405 0907
Zenit0405, 0907

Your remote ought to make your existence easier, however, if you have obtained a special far off for every gadget you own, matters can shortly end up confusing. You would perchance even have exceptional remotes for a range of components of an equal TV. During this case, many of us pick to application a DVD widely wide-spread faraway to adjust all their TVs, set-top boxes, and amplifiers.

                               DVD Universal Remote Programming

  • If you cannot come through the code for your device, try the code search strategy below:
  • Turn on the device.
  • Press the “CODE SEARCH” button until the indicator light illuminates, then release.
  • Press and launch the VCR, TV, or Cable button. If programming for AUX, press and launch the AUX button first, then press the computer sort to be programmed.
  • Press “ON/OFF” once more and once more until the device turns off. Note that due to the reality there are so many codes, you can additionally have to press the “ON/OFF” button a few hundred cases if your code is towards the give up in the list.
  • When your desktop shuts off, press and launch the “ENTER” button.
  • With your machine on, press a normally used button like “PROGRAM UP/DOWN” OR “VOLUM UP/DOWN” to test. If it does no longer characteristic correctly, repeat steps 1 with the aid of 6.

Once the system turns off that possible the far-flung manipulate ought to be in sync with your TV. If this technique does now no longer work, strive to be patient.

DVD is one of the most prevalent brands of conventional far-flung controls for a variety of appliances. Most DVD frequent faraway controls accompany information that allows you to are looking for the corresponding code to your television. However, if you are having to bother programming your remote, this step-by-step information will educate you on methods to software your DVD widespread remote, whether or not or no longer you’ve got bought a code search button.

Once the gadget turns off which skill the remote ought to be in sync collectively with your TV. If this manner does not work, try to wait. Just repeat these steps, making sure you are urgent the buttons the whole time this is needed.


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